2019: Keynote Speaker: Becky Steckler

Emerging Technologies & the Future of Transportation


Workshop: Shared Regional Goals
ADA in Focus
Keynote Speech:
Emerging Technologies & the Future of Transportation
Listen First
Whole Person Approach - 2-1-1
People & Passengers with Guide Dogs
Data Collection - Travel Training
Data Collection Mobility Management
Breaking the Isolation
ASL: Transportation
Emergency Preparedness for Mobility Managers and Travel Trainers
Burn Out: Compassion Fatigue
Travel Training Industry Standards
Orientation & Mobility
Idea Cafe 1: Outreach
Idea Cafe 2: Participatory Advocacy

We are In the very early stages of planning our 2020 CTANW Summit!  If you have ideas for speakers, locations, or dates...  Please contact the planning committee!

If you have any questions, please let us know! Email us at info@ctanw.org. 

2019 CTANW Summit Committee!

  • Angie Coulter, CTANW
  • Bill Baumann, Human Services Council
  • Christina Cooper, Ride Connection (Committee Co-Chair)
  • Christina Loomis, Intercity Transit
  • Frances Rankos, Pierce Transit
  • Holly Kaczmarskit, Columbia River Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Jeanette Frazier, First Transit
  • Melissa Brown, Hopelink
  • Ryan Acker, CTANW (Committee Co-Chair)
  • Silas Rappe, TEDD
  • Veronica Marti, C-TRAN

2019 Mobility Management and Travel Training Summit in Hood River, Oregon!