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Community transportation is a network of traditional and non-traditional providers of transportation services to the public. What sets community transportation apart from regular public transportation is the support from human services, business entities, and the community at large, who recognize transit systems cannot meet all the needs of all the people who need transportation.

Through cooperation and collaboration, communities are coming together to fill gaps and create new means for people to travel using a variety of vehicles and relationships. To become part of the solution to our transportation needs, Join Now.

This website is a resource for CTANW Members and the transportation community at large. To contribute items for the calendar, resources page, or to have your photos or organizations posted here, please email us at

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Volunteer Driver Manual

Enter Your Agency's Areas of Expertise in the New Peer-to-Peer Database.

    The CTANW is developing a peer-to-peer network to support industry professionals seeking information on a variety of topic areas related to transportation delivery. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey on those areas of expertise you or your staff may be willing to provide training or to share information. The survey is seeking information on areas such as routing software, community planning, drivers, and volunteer programs.

    To take the brief survey please click HERE.

CTANW Digest- October 9, 2014 - In this issue:

    • Share Your Stories
    • CTANW Partners with CTAA for Training- November 13-14
    • CTANW Advocacy Committee - October 21
    • Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
    • Pilot Program for TOD Planning NOFA - October 9
    • Training for Transit- October 9, October 13-15
    • Accident Investigation Refresher- October 9
    • FREE Car Seat Safety Check- October 11
    • 2014 Non Profit Insurance Program Conference- October 14
    • Transportation, Economic Competitiveness, & Megaregions- Oct 15
    • FHWA Invites You to Upcoming Webinars- October 16 & October 27
    • One to One Training - Train the Trainer - Oct 16-17 & Oct 29-30
    • Car Seat Awareness Class Schedule- November 12 & December 8
    • Labor Law update Webinar - November 18
    • Education Resources
    • Port of Seattle Preparing for the Future
    • Army Veteran and Double Amputee Committed to Inspiring Others
    • Current Newsletters
    • Current Job Postings

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