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Community transportation is a network of traditional and non-traditional providers of transportation services to the public. What sets community transportation apart from regular public transportation is the support from human services, business entities, and the community at large, who recognize transit systems cannot meet all the needs of all the people who need transportation.

Through cooperation and collaboration, communities are coming together to fill gaps and create new means for people to travel using a variety of vehicles and relationships. To become part of the solution to our transportation needs, Join Now.

This website is a resource for CTANW Members and the transportation community at large. To contribute items for the calendar, resources page, or to have your photos or organizations posted here, please email us at

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Volunteer Driver Manual

Enter Your Agency's Areas of Expertise in the New Peer-to-Peer Database.

    The CTANW is developing a peer-to-peer network to support industry professionals seeking information on a variety of topic areas related to transportation delivery. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey on those areas of expertise you or your staff may be willing to provide training or to share information. The survey is seeking information on areas such as routing software, community planning, drivers, and volunteer programs.

    To take the brief survey please click HERE.

CTANW Digest- July, 2014 - In this issue:

    • CTANW to Present at WSDOT Conference
    • SNOTRAC Reminds Members of Deadline for Project Funding - Submit by July 28th
    • Public Transportation Wall of Fame
    • Share Your Stories
    • 2014 Washington State Public Transportation Conference
    • TMIP Webinar- Three Presentations on Planning Tools
    • Upcoming Webinars
    • NHI Summer Training
    • Car Seat Awareness Class Schedule
    • Help Us Save Kids from Heatstroke
    • NHTSA 2015 Communications Calendar
    • National Resource Directory Sources
    • 2014 Non Profit Insurance Program Conference
    • Travel Training Options - Learn More
    • Risk Summit for Nonprofits
    • Human Resources is Risky Business
    • Curiosity Trumps Competence
    • FTA Webcast - Now Available Online
    • Training for Transit
    • National Transit Institute
    • Transportation Choices Calendar
    • WSEMA
    • Open Letter from Secretary Foxx and 11 Former DOT Secretaries Urging Congress to Address Long-Term Transportation Needs
    • Official Q&As Published
    • USDOT Outlines Steps for Managing Impending Highway Trust Fund Shortfall
    • Buy America Waiver Request for 30 Vehicle Projects
    • FTA Drug & Alcohol Regulation Updates Newsletter #54
    • VA Grants Expand Transportation in Highly Rural Areas
    • VA Announces $5 Million in Grants to Aid Homeless Veterans With Special Needs
    • Correction to FTA Ladders of Opportunity Initiative Application Links
    • USDOT Announces Grant Fund Availability
    • United We Ride
    • Vantage Point Blog
    • USDOT Tiger Grants
    • Week in Review Updates from WSTA
    • I'm Stuck in Traffic - New Technology for Advocacy?
    • VA Reveals New Grant Program Focusing on Disabled Veterans
    • FHWA Livability Newsletter - July 2014
    • Introducing e-Innovator
    • USDOT FHAIP Delivery Analytical Tools in the P3 Toolkit Update
    • EDC June News
    • Federal Highway Administration Report on Highway Sustainability
    • Solar Freakin' Roadways
    • National RTAP eNews
    • Functional Assessment Service Teams (FAST)
    • FEMA Think Tank
    • National Center on Senior Transportation
    • USDOT Celebrates Grand Opening of Denver Union Station
    • Veterans Health Administration Update
    • Transportation Research E-Newsletter
    • Rural Newsletter
  • JOBS
    • Current Job Postings from around the State

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