Passenger & Community - Disability & Diversity Awareness


101 - Working with People with Disabilities

Accessible Infrastructure/Facilities

Aging Adults/Seniors

English as a Second Language/Limited English

Harassment & Hate Crimes

Homelessness, People Living in Poverty and People with Lower Incomes

People with a Mental Health Condition (Schizophrenia, Autism, Bipolar, Depression, Etc.)  

Racism and Race Based Discrimination

Seizures & Epilepsy

Service Animals

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (LGBT)


Vision & Hearing Variances 



Upcoming Module Topics

CTANW will be expanding this module (including the following areas) with support from the WSDOT/RTAP program in 2017-2019. If you have a priority request or tools or resources to share, please email us at

Cultural Diversity 101 (Race, Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Religion, Politics, People from other Nations, People with Limited English Proficiency) 
Medical Transportation 
Navigating Transportation Systems
People with Caregivers 
People with Cognitive or Developmental Disabilities 
People with Physical Disabilities 
Restrained Passengers 
Specialized Transportation Services & Resources